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Who We Are

BuiltSmart Resources is growing to be the nation’s premier source for education and implementation of sustainable building materials and practices. BuiltSmart is founded on the belief that collectively we can make changes today that will benefit us environmentally and financially in the future. We are dedicated to sharing the resources that we need to best serve our families, our communities, and our planet. We offer energy efficient custom homes, remodeling, solar systems, rainwater collection systems, and spray foam insulation. We are…

Building today to save tomorrow

What We Do:

BuiltSmart Custom Homes

BuiltSmart Custom Homes offers a premier customizable design and build experience with all the sustainable features environmentally and fiscally responsible customers desire. Today’s homes can not only be beautifully crafted to be a reflection of personal taste they can also be built to be efficient and sustainable to reflect individual values. BuiltSmart homes are verified by third-party auditors for certification by the NAHB Research Center for compliance with the National Green Building Standard, and the Build San Antonio Green program. BuiltSmart has made a commitment to building 100% of new homes in compliance with ENERGY STAR performance guidelines.

Efficient Remodeling

In today’s housing environment it might make sense for homeowners to think about staying in their existing home. Making a home more energy efficient is the first renovation to consider. Fortunately, recent innovations in energy efficient products like light fixtures, insulation, appliances and plumbing fixtures along with tax credits and rebates make now the right time to consider updating an existing home.

Solar Systems

BuiltSmart offers homeowners complete PV Solar and Solar Thermal Systems. Rebates, Federal Tax credits, and lower product cost make this the right time for homeowners to install solar systems. Nationally, solar energy shows the highest resale value for home improvements. With available rebates and tax credits a Solar System can pay for itself in less time than you would imagine. BuiltSmart certified solar installers provide free customized recommendations based on individual site plan and energy usage.

Rainwater Collection Systems

BuiltSmart Resources offers Rainwater Collection Systems that can be used to supplement or replace landscape water demands or as a primary domestic water source. Rainwater is naturally softened and pure water without the use of chemicals. Rainwater Collection provides homeowners with peace of mind during times of water shortage and public contamination. Rainwater Systems should be part of a smart water reduction plan within a home. BuiltSmart Custom Homes water conservation features include: Water efficient plumbing fixtures, Low-flow Showers, Dual-flush Toilets, Low-flow Faucets with Aerators, efficient Dishwashers and Washing Machines.

Spray Foam

Spray foam Insulation is a smart choice for owners of new and existing homes who want the most energy efficiency possible. There is no better home insulating material to seal your home from air intrusion, save on costly utility bills, and, when correctly matched with a modern mechanical system, improve indoor air quality, than spray foam insulation.

Green SIP Kit Homes

Our green kit homes are made to be ultra energy efficient with SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels) panelized wall construction. BuiltSmart Kits are also environmentally friendly because they are computer engineered to greatly reduce construction waste. Our Kits are also Solar ready for those looking for an alternative energy source.