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construction principles

HOUSE PLANS Custom engineered for specific climate
SHAPE Simple clean design
FOUNDATION DESIGN Engineered for local soils conditions
ROOF DESIGN Efficient slope, minimal design, ensures sufficient drainage
WALL STRUCTURE 2”x6” exterior walls with OSB sheathing and vapor barrier
ROOF STRUCTURE Engineered trusses with OSB roof decking
GLASS OPENINGS Appropriate thermal glass for specific climate condition
EXTERIOR WALL FINISHES Maintenance free stucco or regional brick or stone
ROOF COVERING Clay tile, cement tile, metal standing seam or rigid composition
PLUMBING SYSTEM PVC plastic vent and drain lines- flexible plastic manifold water supply plumbing system
SEPTIC SYSTEMS Aerobic septic system engineered to efficiently recycle waste water
SOLAR ENERGY Grid-tied photovoltaic solar energy system to provide the majority of electrical needs
RAINWATER COLLECTION Self-contained water system to provide all potable water needs
LIGHTING Energy Star light fixtures with either CFL or LED light bulbs
INSULATION Open cell spray foam insulation
EXTERIOR DOORS Thermally efficient entry doors with weather stripping