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design principles

SITE DESIGN Utilize home contours to create enclosed or private outdoor living areas
FRONT ELEVATION Design for interior privacy and security
SIDE ELEVATION Properly located windows and doors for natural ventilation and privacy
REAR ELEVATION Rear facing glass position to ensure privacy and protection from elements
GARAGE Front located, connected garage, preferably with side or rear facing doors
ROOF Simple roof design with appropriate slope, minimum offset gables & valley hips, minimum of 24” overhangs
GLASS WINDOWS AND DOOR OPENINGS Use of appropriately calculated and rated thermal glass for each exposure
EXTERIOR FINISH MATERIAL Maintenance free brick, stucco, or native stone
INTERIOR FINISH MATERIAL No VOC interior paints, low VOC stains and finishes
INTERIOR DESIGN Simple layout, smart use of space, flow between living spaces with minimum hallways
SECURITY Use of walled barrier with gates where practical – Glass facing into private courtyard
EXTERIOR COLORS Colors that harmonize with climate and regional ethnicity