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DIY Rain Barrels

Avid gardeners have known about the advantages to harvesting rain water for centuries. Rain barrels not only help conserve water but are a simple and inexpensive DIY project. With a drill, some silicone sealant, and a couple of basic parts, you can build a rain barrel of your own. Here are a few tips from DIY Network

Please keep in mind that this is not water for household consumption. Without treatment; dirt, chemicals, and microorganisms might contaminate the water supply. For information on rainwater catchment systems that are designed for potable water use please click here. It is also important to make sure to prevent the standing water from becoming a mosquito breeding facility, either by closing the barrel with a screen or by using commercially available mosquito tablets.

Rain barrels can be linked together for additional storage and fitted with hose attachments for ease of use. Not a Do-it-yourself type? Decorative Rain Barrel kits are available from many online and garden retail merchants.