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Energy Efficiency

What makes BuiltSmart Kit Homes different is our kits are engineered with energy efficient SIP panelized wall construction. The environmental benefits of choosing SIP’s for residential and commercial construction are enormous. By buildings with SIP’s, you significantly lower the energy needed to heat and cool your home. The reduction in energy consumption not only gives you the benefit of a lower energy bill, but also provides a benefit to the environment by reducing the negative impacts (greenhouse gasses and CFC’s) generated in the production of energy sources.

In addition, building with SIP’s provides environmental advantages in many areas:

  • Drastically Reducing Energy Usage
  • Manufactured using renewable resources
  • A wall constructed with SIPS performs at a higher R-Value than a conventionally built wall using batt insulation
  • Reduced jobsite waste
  • Superior indoor air quality and temperature control
  • Available tax credits and points toward building incentives (LEED, NAHB, GBG)

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