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our smart builder’s pledge

  1. We pledge to uphold environmental principles and practices while building the highest quality, most economically priced home.
  2. We pledge to only purchase building materials and equipment from environmentally responsible suppliers and manufacturers. We will not incorporate any building materials that emit harmful toxins detrimental to the health of the family or the community.
  3. We pledge to protect the building site’s natural habitat and remove only vegetation that is absolutely necessary to build each home. We will maintain a clean building site at all times and collect all waste and garbage in separate containers for proper recycling.
  4. We pledge to develop uniquely customized and professionally engineered building plans crafted for each homeowner that achieve optimal lot orientation.
  5. We pledge to conserve resources and use high quality, durable materials.
  6. We pledge to help protect the health and safety of homeowners by providing an environment that produces pure air and water.
  7. We pledge to incorporate value added features for each home that will provide a higher value return on investment for each homebuyer than conventionally built homes.
  8. We pledge to hire individuals with a demonstrated commitment toward building with integrity and precision.
  9. We pledge to maximize the value of our homes by utilizing efficiencies that will maintain long-term home investment.
  10. We pledge to set the sustainable building standard for our industry to help build better communities and in turn protect our global environment.